Apr Rates

PlusLend.com does not function as a lender and does not possess the capability to provide precise APR information. Customers who initiated their process through a paid Google advertisement may encounter rates on PlusLend.com ranging from a minimum of 3.95% APR to a maximum of 35.99% APR. These figures are calculated in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and are accompanied by repayment terms spanning from 3 months to 36 months. The ultimate APR value will be determined by your lender and communicated to you prior to accepting the loan terms. Always confirm the APR offered before signing your loan agreement. Actual annual percentage rates can differ based on two factors: 1) the details you furnish in your initial loan request, and 2) the information furnished to you by your lender.

Rates are contingent upon your creditworthiness and are subject to modification without prior notice. Your effective rate and monthly installment could vary. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old. PlusLend.com directs customers to reputable, professional lenders capable of offering loan-related guidance and information. Our service is provided free of charge. After the submission of your application and subsequent approval, you will be presented with a loan offer agreement. Lenders will provide full disclosure of all loan particulars, encompassing APR, loan financing charges, and other relevant terms. It is strongly recommended that users thoroughly read and assess the loan terms accompanying any received offer. If you require further clarification regarding APR or loan-related services, kindly reach out to us for assistance.

Representative Example

For instance, if you borrowed $5,000 over a period of 48 months and the loan carried an 8% arrangement fee ($400), your monthly repayments would amount to $131.67, culminating in a total repayment of $6,320.12. This total encompasses the 8% fee deducted from the loan amount, resulting in a net cost of $1,720.12. Representative APR: 18.23%

Examples of APR and loan costs

Loan AmountInterest RateLoan TermFeeRepaymentAPRTotal RepaymentsTotal Cost
$1,00024.00%12 months3.00%$94.5629.82%$1,134.72$164.72
$2,00019.00%24 months5.00%$100.8224.12%$2,419.68$519.68