Zelensky presents online platform to support Ukraine

On the United24 online platform, you can donate money in one click to help Ukrainian defenders, civilians and rebuild the country.

“We are launching the global United24 initiative. Its first component is an online platform to raise funds for Ukraine. More projects and programs will be added soon,” reads the post on Telegram Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s channel.

You can make a donation in one click from any country in the world.

Zelensky’s video address in English is also published. The President of Ukraine talks about the initiative and asks to help Ukraine.

“Today everyone free united around Ukraine. Countries, companies, international organizations and most importantly people. Now you are among them too. Thank you. is that together we have the potential to stop the war Russia started and rebuild what Russia destroyed. Together we can help freedom defeat tyranny,” Zelensky said.

He added that “this fundraising platform is part of the global United24 initiative that was launched to support Ukraine.”

“Here, with one click, you can donate funds to protect our defenders, save our civilians and rebuild Ukraine. All funds will be transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated to relevant ministries. Reports will be updated every 24 hours. Every donation counts towards victory. Donate to protect, donate to save, donate to rebuild,” Zelensky urged.

He underlined that “today Ukraine is fighting not only for its own freedom, but for the freedom of the whole democratic world”.

“We will always remember your contribution to the victory of Ukraine, to the victory of freedom,” added the Head of State.

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As reported, in March the National Bank opened a special account to collect funds for the army.


Stephen V. Lee