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Europe's Top Central Banks Take Different Tacks on Inflation 

The Bank of England became the first major central bank to raise its benchmark interest rate since the start of the pandemic, while the ECB said it would phase out an emergency bond buying program while stepping up other stimulus measures.

YOLO Bets, Deconstructed 

If you really think an investment like bitcoin or AMC is heading for the moon, the rational decision might be to own less, not more.

H&R Block Sues Block, Formerly Square, for Trademark Infringement 

Square changed its name to Block earlier this month, a nod to CEO Jack Dorsey’s blockchain ambitions.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Probing 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Companies, Including Affirm, Klarna 

The Office of Consumer Affairs is researching information on the $ 55 billion installment plan industry popular with online merchants.

U.K. Fines Fund Manager Who Invested in Greensill Loans 

The Financial Conduct Authority fined Swiss asset manager GAM Holding and one of its former star bond fund managers for conflicts of interest, resolving a long-standing case.

Turkey's Currency Crisis Escalates After Central Bank Cuts Rates 

Turkey’s central bank has bowed to political pressure to cut interest rates, defying soaring inflation and exacerbating a currency crisis that has weighed on the economy.

How Banks Win When Interest Rates Rise 

For the nation’s largest banks, even a small hike in the Fed’s benchmark rate could generate billions of dollars in revenue. But don’t expect deposit rates to change.

Dashing Fed's Hopes, Low Unemployment Becomes an Inflation Threat 

With millions of workers absent from the labor market, vacancies and unsuitable workers, and continued strong demand, the Fed is now worried about a wage-price spiral.

Financial Services Roundup: Market Talk 

The latest market discussions covering financial services

There Are Scarier Things Than a Hawkish Fed 

The Federal Reserve could make a mistake by tightening up too aggressively, but the worst would be a Covid-19 outbreak that takes the crunch off the table.

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