The online platform of the taxman has not been operational for two weeks, people do not pay taxes

Kozhikode: ReLIS, the web platform of the state revenue department, has been down for two weeks. Users, who depend on the platform for day-to-day services including paying taxes, are exasperated as the website continues to be under maintenance.

It is learned that the transfer of earth-related data to a new server to reduce the workload of the existing server has resulted in the failure of the electronic platform.

Services such as property transfer, property income registration renewal and income retrieval are also discontinued. The issue with the platform has hampered the process linked to Prime Minister Kisan Yojana for farmers in the state. Similarly, contributions, late payment interest and borrowing from tax receipts accumulate and disturb users because the site is unavailable.

The platform is not operational due to changes made to the website without proper planning. IT Mission previously suggested to the revenue department that transferring data to a new server would only take 2 days. Later, he said the platform would be fully operational by Sunday. But things did not go according to assurances.

Village officials and staff at the Akshaya center have fallen prey to the ire of citizens. While long queues and crowds are common scenes in village offices.

Stephen V. Lee