Technology-driven online platform for buying and selling verified properties

time for potential people were skeptical about joining the new company.

Fortunately, with time and patience, they selected some of the brightest minds through personal interviews and shared their vision which led potential candidates to partner with Estate Dekho. Along with the process of finding the right talent pool, today’s workforce thinks about quality of life, occupational health, productivity of the corporate environment, which can create opportunities for growth. Estate Dekho pays attention to all these crucial necessities while serving its clients and strives to maintain harmony in their working atmosphere. Today, Estate Dekho has recorded revenue of 2.25 crore with a team of over sixty employees spread across four branches in Hyderabad, Dehradun, Pune and Noida.

Service & Technology
Estate Dekho has developed its online platform which provides users with real estate suggestions considering their preferred area or locality, budget, facilities and several other aspects. They act as an aggregator that engages sellers with their potential audience and optimizes their visibility to retain more property seekers. The platform allows users to compare different price ranges of houses on the market. The system helps users match sale prices with old real estate listings, photos of affected properties or square footage, and floor plans. Estate Dekho provides clients with information on commercial and residential assets as well as agricultural and agricultural land, including HMDA or HUDA plots, so they can choose what is best for them. The company specializes in streamlining lead generation and managing them through CRM. Through their AMS and CMS system, they optimize seller visibility and increase customer engagement.

Estate Dekho provides detailed analytics on lead generation, crowds involved in a deal, site visits, and sales. They effectively manage end-to-end relationships between buyers, sellers, and agents. They set up campaigns and schedule meetings to convert the customer requirement into marketing with a wide range of prospects through source integration and automation. With strong pre-sales and post-sales support, Estate Dekho leverages its power of innovation and technology to create an EMS-driven interface that aims to bring together genuine sellers under one umbrella to build a commerce platform. feasible electronics for real estate. They facilitate the communication process between potential buyers and sellers and seal genuine deals. Users benefit from effective assistance in making the appropriate choice that fits their budgets. Estate Dekho is also equipped with the ability to detect flaws. Although their offers are economical, their system allows sellers to improve their revenue generation as well.

Ranjith Vasireddy adds: “Our main task is to know the pulse of the industry players and identify the flaws in the system, understand the real problems and work to solve them through technology. the intended product is under development. We have already developed EDi CRM based on our research on market conditions. The only way to understand market trends is to align with customers at ground level. Valuing their feedback and being connected to them are ways to understand the ever-changing challenges they face.”

Forward-looking vision
A lot of opportunities are going to unfold in this industry in the future as the real estate industry is unorganized and the only way to organize it is through technology and automation. Estate Dekho already has a good hand in technology and related aspects. Therefore, they expect to grow at a much faster rate in the coming years. “We aim to scale Estate Dekho aggressively across the country and disrupt the real estate and allied e-commerce market in India. We envision transforming the unorganized real estate sector into an organized one,” Vasireddy adds.

Stephen V. Lee