Safe and fast digital financial services in Rajasthan : Paydeer services Ltd : The Tribune India

Paydeer services located in Jaipur, Rajasthan are ideal when you are looking for an efficient digital platform under Vinod Parihar, the founder of this Fintech startup. The company took the digital payment services industry by storm in 2017 by providing innovative and exciting payment services. It was registered in 2021 under India’s startup initiative under Cybdeer network named LetsGo. The company has over 550 distributors, 20,000 retailers with 350 stores, 150 officers and 800 alliance officers to run the business are now part of the Paydeer Services family. All these people came together with one motto: to make Rajasthan better in terms of financial independence. An increased number of people in the fray to be our patrons gives us great pleasure to announce their presence in 33 neighborhoods. Even local stores can participate in Paydeer. We encourage people who want to earn that little bit extra with their regular job, such as eMitra distributors and retailers.

Paydeer has taken a huge step in the right direction to be the fastest service online. It is a reliable and secure online payment solution that digitally meets all your financial needs. Currently, our reach extends beyond urban settings, as we have successfully brought the digital revolution to semi-urban rural areas of Rajasthan. Paydeer’s financial services have enabled even remote areas to grow economically as a connecting platform.

Paydeer Services is equipped to provide banking and other financial services, including AEPS, BBPS, loans, vehicle insurance, PAN card, M-POS, domestic money transfer and digital wallet. The convenience of using Paydeer goes beyond banking. Users can even recharge their mobile and DTH services and book buses, trains and air tickets. The number of services lets you sit back at home and relax while the Paydeer will make all your bill payments possible. If you need cash, there is no need to panic because Paydeer will help you with this as well. All you have to do is withdraw the money needed at a mini-ATM.

You may be wondering about the popularity of Paydeer, which grew a few years after our debut due to our commitment to providing safe, secure, fast and simple financial services at your fingertips. Paydeer is always here to help. Our distributors earn the highest commission margins ever compared to other financial services. Therefore, our users can enjoy 24/7 customer support.

We have been mentioned in several newspaper articles and have also had excellent media coverage on radio and television. Paydeer was also highlighted by entertainment and news channels. Social media platforms also showed love and appreciation. Paving the way for more recognition in the form of 15 awards including the Biz Next, Indian Achiever Award. Paydeer has become a pioneer in receiving the Women Achievers Environment Award since its inception. This has encouraged us to organize seminars and events for our distributors across Rajasthan.

Stephen V. Lee