RMEF offers an online platform for both experienced and novice hunters

It’s called ‘OutdoorClass’ and it’s offered by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to help novice and experienced hunters specialize in a variety of skills, even game preparation.

RMEF Director of Communications Mark Holyoak spoke to KGVO News about the innovative new platform.

“It took over two and a half years in the making,” Holyoak began. “It’s a partnership between the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, GoHunt, Randy Newberg, who is a well-known public land hunter and Cory Jacobson, who is the 10 time World Moose Calling Champion. It’s called OutdoorClass and it’s a subscription based online learning center where people can go and they will have access to video courses, in fact there are currently four different video courses.

Holyoak provided some examples of courses offered through the “Outdoor Class” online platform.

“One is the early season elk hunt, what do you call elk,” he said. “Another is late season elk hunting with a gun. One is to find mule deer. And another is once you have this big game, how do you prepare for it? How to cure it ? How do you cook it? And so it’s available now on outdoor class.com. It is a subscription video service.

Holyoak said initial offerings will expand significantly over time.

“As it’s brand new, we have all four courses right off the bat. And those will be expanded over time,” he said. “We will bring in other outdoor experts. Also, it’s not strictly hunting or elk hunting, I mean we’ll bring backcountry survival, working with dogs, hunting other species, that kind of stuff, how to E-Scout, and even draw beacons. This is an opportunity to introduce people to the outdoors at a higher level. This can be at a beginner level if they need it or at a higher level if they want to do self-education or further education.

Holyoak said he was struck by the beauty of the outdoor videos that make up the OutdoorClass project.

“There are beautiful landscapes there,” he said. “You can learn, watch, and be entertained all at the same time, but it’s really about putting that knowledge to work to build your own personal knowledge bank, build it up, and become just a little bit better, a little more skilled. , more familiar with the outdoors.

Holyoak said OutdoorClass can be accessed via OutdoorClass.com and available for an annual fee of $99.99. RMEF members will receive a 20% discount when they register with the code RMEF.

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