Parthian Securities renews its commitment to providing diversified financial services and improving market liquidity

Parthian Securities Limited (PSL), reiterated its commitment to be a market leader in fixed income, structured finance, equity and financial integration through the use of technology and intelligence.

Over the past 10 years, the firm has built a strong reputation for innovation and excellence, cementing its status as a market leader in securities trading across various financial markets.

Speaking at an interactive media session in Lagos over the weekend, Group Managing Director, Parthian Partners Limited, Oluseye Olusoga, said the inter-dealer brokerage firm which deals with regulated entities, plays an active role in the secondary securities market, guiding investors through their investment journey and providing them with long-term and reliable advisory services to help them achieve their investment objectives.

According to him, the company, on its 10th anniversary, has recorded growth that reflects the growing recognition by individuals and businesses that Parthian Securities Limited offers a simple and convenient platform for real-time securities trading.

Olusoga also revealed that the company promotes liquidity in fixed income securities by displaying the prices of all federal, state and corporate bonds, treasury bills, promissory notes and Eurobonds that investors would otherwise hold until maturity.

Leveraging its vast universe of clients, he said, Parthian provides market insights that serve as the basis for investment decisions.

“We provide anonymity when executing large trades, so the market doesn’t move against you. We offer the best prices for non-standard volumes (tranches) of Nigerian government securities (notes and bonds).

“We serve as a bridge between market participants who would normally be unable to face each other due to limited approvals. Through this, we enhance market liquidity and ensure best execution, although we also provide access to overseas investors through our strong global affiliations,” Olusoga said.

Offering an overview of the Nigerian stock market, Chief Strategist, Parthian Security Limited, Ahmed Olaitan Banu, said the performance drivers for the Nigerian stock market in 2022 are; interest rates, removal of fuel subsidies, infrastructure development, global inflation and licensing of payment service banks. Others include the holding company structure of banks, federal government support for health services, acquisitions and mergers.

Banu also observed that the low participation of foreign investors in the Nigerian stock market will persist as domestic investors continue to seek positive real return in the market due to the death of alternative investments.

However, “if historical trends are any guide, the performance of the Nigerian stock market in the two years leading up to the 2014 and 2018 elections was negative, leading us to expect a weak market in 2022.

“But some indicators may contradict this negative performance view, such as the continued upward trend in the price of crude oil due to the positive correlation between the performance of the NGX All-Share Index and crude oil prices,” Banu said.

In keeping with the firm’s promise to connect its clients to their preferred investment opportunities, Parthian Securities Limited recently held the first edition of its ‘Bears & Bulls’ series on the theme ‘The Nigerian Stock Market: 2021 Review; 2022 outlook and actions to watch.

This online investment advisory clinic held on January 27, 2022 offered investors free information and analysis on the Nigerian stock market.

Stephen V. Lee