New online platform helps parents connect with the teachers of their choice

A recent Ministry of Education report showed that the reading and math levels of students across the country declined during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a new online platform offers parents a solution to help their children with their unfinished learning and help students succeed in their studies.

Teachers1on1 is a new online platform which allows parents to choose from a wide selection of certified teachers and tutors to help their children with learning and schoolwork. The platform boasts that over 1,200 teachers have been approved. All teacher candidates are carefully screened, which includes a background check and proof of a license to teach.

Cicely Woodard, who is a member of the Teachers1on1 advisory board, says “high quality” educators are the reason the platform stands out.

“I think Teachers1on1 is very distinct and different from some of the other tutoring platforms out there. And the reason for that is because the high-quality teaching is delivered by qualified, vetted, licensed teachers,” Woodard told Fox News. Digital. . “They’ve been in the field. They understand what it means to deliver high quality education to students. And I think it’s so important that we uplift and empower teachers.”


Students line up to enter their respective classrooms during a kindergarten orientation at Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy in Alexandria, Va., Aug. 19, 2022.

Woodard, who has been teaching since 2003, stressed the importance for parents of being able to choose the best teacher for their child and how the individual aspect really makes a difference.

“Teaching is very personalized. And students get to experience these top-notch teachers because Teachers1on1 does a great job of recruiting teachers in a variety of teaching settings. And so they get teachers from all over the country. They make their choice. And then they work with those teachers in a one-to-one or small-group setting that really makes a difference and impacts learning,” she said. .

A parent named Jeff who used Teachers1on1 for his daughter’s math tutoring, echoed the positive impact each other had on his child.

“It allowed her to have a very good one-on-one experience with a teacher. And I don’t know if we were really lucky or if all the teachers are as great as the one we had, but she was super engaging and fun and, you know, our daughter is not a big fan of math, especially after she’s already taken online classes and stuff, so it was a good experience for her,” he told Fox News Digital.

When asked if he and his wife would recommend Teachers1on1, Jeff said he had already referred him to other parents.

“Yeah, definitely. So I’ve talked to other people about it,” Jeff said. “The teachers are just super engaging and because they can be one on one I think it allows them to really nurture that kid and make sure they’re keeping that kid engaged. So I think even if a kid struggles with remote learning and things like that, that would definitely be a good platform for them to enhance their learning, just because it’s a lot more personalized and the teacher can be a lot more engaged. ”


Teacher discussing STEM: Mathematics during lesson.

Teacher discussing STEM: Mathematics during lesson.

Once a parent has selected a teacher for their child, tutoring sessions use the web product provided by Teachers1on1, which includes live chat, video and voice calls and, what they describe as their “flagship feature “, their real-time collaboration tools. These tools are a virtual interface that includes a whiteboard, screen, and file sharing.

Jessica Christenberry, an educator referenced on the platformpraised the Teachers1on1 interface, complimenting the ease of access it provides when tutoring a student.

“The good thing about the Teachers1on1 platform is that you can upload documents and then you can write directly on the document and the student can write directly on the document. And while you are scrolling through the work you have fact, we’re going to say on the number one problem for math, it stays with that same problem,” Christenberry said. “Whereas on other platforms and on Zoom, you can’t even write on the document with them. But other platforms I’ve been with, when you scroll, the work doesn’t scroll with it, so it covers the following question. You have to erase it, and then you can’t go back to see what the student did or what you wrote. So, yes, this platform is much more intuitive for this type of work that we do. “

Each session is recorded and accessible by the student, parent, or teacher, a feature that Jeff and Christenberry praised.


Children listen to their teacher as they sit in a classroom on the first day of school.

Children listen to their teacher as they sit in a classroom on the first day of school.
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The Covid-19 pandemic forced students and educators into remote learning, which many, including Jeff and Christenberry’s family, found difficult. Both said the Teachers1on1 interface and more personalized settings make it a different and better experience than the tools that were generally available under COVID.

“When I had multiple students in the class and then a few at home, it was really hard to tell or make sure everyone was engaged. You know, being on a screen, especially when their volume is cut off, unless I was looking at every student at a time, it was pretty difficult when I was trying to share my screen and all that kind of stuff,” Christenberry said. “So yeah, having a student is a lot easier on the management part and making sure they understand and stay engaged because they’re expected. They’re the only ones answering against, you know, half of the class that answers.”


Fox News Digital asked Jeff, Woodard and Christenberry if elected officials and schools should continue programs like Teachers1on1 to help students who have fallen behind due to the pandemic. All agreed that programs like Teachers1on1 would be helpful and that elected officials should enact policies that provide resources for schools or families to continue this type of one-on-one tutoring.

“If it was somehow sponsored by the school and the parents didn’t have to pay for it, or maybe got a subsidized rate or maybe got a certain dollar amount to use every school year or something. That would be amazing,” Jeff said. “I think every parent should use it because it can help kids with homework. It can help them really deepen their knowledge in certain areas. I think that would be amazing.”

Stephen V. Lee