New online platform for international creative arts students

United Kingdom specializes in mentoring international students in the visual arts, design, media and architecture to take the next steps towards higher education in the creative arts in the UK.

Students will be supported by a group of experienced independent tutors who will provide bespoke plans, preparing students for successful undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Wendy Pye, Founder and Director of Artway UK, started the business because she felt the basic preparation courses available to international students were not financially accessible or suitable enough to handle differences in ability and skill levels. ‘English.

“I thought all the help prospective students needed to apply to a UK university and support to prepare them for the transition to the UK higher education system could be done online, with plans for 1-1 personalized lessons tailored to their specific needs,” she mentioned.

Although international students must pass a IELTS exam to move on to a British course, Pye feels that this is not enough to fully prepare them to communicate on their subject.

“Students from non-native English-speaking countries are often not prepared for subject-specific language or for using the range of accents and attitudes associated with Britain,” she said.

“They are also unaware of the different study skills required for art, design, or media courses, which can have a big impact on their confidence to thrive.”

According to Higher Education Statistics Agency41,195 students from outside the UK were enrolled in design, creative and performing arts courses in UK higher education in 2019-20.

Artway UK is expected to enroll its first students this summer, in preparation for the 2022-23 academic year.

Pye was a visual arts teacher at study group Brighton for 12 years and hopes to expand its new venture in the future, launching platforms for other academic subjects, creating projects such as Scienceway and Mathsway.

Stephen V. Lee