New financial services app Zindigi launched in Pakistan

Financial services app Zindigi, aimed at Millennials and Gen Z, has been launched in Pakistan.

The app is available on iOS and Android

Powered by Pakistani commercial bank JS Bank, Zindigi’s ‘digital experience’ promises expense notifications, easy cash flow, stress-free travel and support from real people within the app.

Available for iOS and Android users, the app has been launched in 13 cities across Pakistan and already boasts thousands of registrations.

The app allows users to spend online and in-store, access the stock exchange, receive international payments at no cost, and customize the homepage with drag-and-drop widgets.

Zindigi also allows users to manage their cards by setting spending limits and provides the ability to block or unblock cards.

Users can send and receive money via debit cards or bank transfers, computerized national identity card (CNIC) fund transfers and using a mobile phone number. The app also allows users to send money requests.

Zindigi’s chief digital officer, Noman Azhar, says the country has many banks, “but not a lot of banking experience”.

Azhar adds, “Zindigi is all about customers. We will listen and work hard to give them the experiences they expect.

Stephen V. Lee