NatWest is offering an interest rate of 3.04% through its “go-to” account – are you eligible? | Personal finance | Finance

NatWest is a familiar bank, and one of its accounts should prove particularly popular. Many savers are looking for the best returns on the money they set aside, whether it’s for a rainy day or a specific goal.

NatWest pitched its Digital Regular Saver as a potential option, describing it as a “go-to” account.

Brits can start saving through this account by regularly paying £1-50 per month.

Individuals will be able to benefit from a competitive interest rate of 3.04% AER.

This makes it one of the leading offers on the market today.

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The interest rate on this account is not fixed and may be changed by NatWest at any time.

However, individuals can expect to receive 14 days notice at the latest if the rate drops and their balance is £100.

In other cases, people will be notified shortly before or after the change.

Only certain people will be eligible for this account, so it is important to check its terms.

It can be followed via the mobile application, online, in branch or by telephone.

Britons are warned that they cannot exceed the £50 per month limit on this account, as any money over this limit will automatically be transferred to their current account.

If someone repeatedly tries to deposit more than £50 per month into the account, they will be given 60 days’ notice to close it.

Savers can only have one regular digital saver, which must be in their name, and joint accounts are not permitted.

Stephen V. Lee