Gucci dives into its archives with a new online platform

The recently launched site, which will be regularly updated with new “editions”, looks back on the brand’s 100-year design history. Vault is billed like a magazine, with an emphasis on large, vibrant editorial images that focus on bags and clothing. According to its about page, “Vault is a lot of different things at the same time: a time machine, an archive, a library, a laboratory and a meeting place.”

Much of the platform is dedicated to the stories behind archival Gucci pieces, many of which go on sale – for example, a $ 35,000 leather wardrobe from the ’80s, with painted green and orange stripes. by hand. There are also personal mementos of popular Gucci possessions.

This first edition features what will become recurring features, such as World of Wonders – a video series that takes a playful take on lesser-known vintage Gucci pieces – and How To, which promises to educate readers on the intricacies of the label.

In addition to Gucci’s own designs, Vault features miniature profiles of other up-and-coming fashion designers. The pieces made by them, as well as Gucci’s own bags and clothing, are available for purchase through the site.

It’s a smart move by Gucci, at a time when platforms like Depop and Vinted have encouraged a whole new generation to shop for vintage and second-hand items.

Beyond that, it’s clear the label is up for some fun with its legacy, which perhaps is thanks to art director and photographer Max Siedentopf – recently interviewed by CR about his multidisciplinary approach and his animal spirit – who worked on the project alongside Gucci’s Creative Director. Alessandro Michele.

Stephen V. Lee