Gay Wellness launches new online platform for gay massage therapists and wellness practitioners

Gay Wellness is the first directory to synthesize many types of gay practitioners of various types of wellness.

Gay Wellness has launched its new online platform for gay massage therapists and many other types of wellness practitioners – the first directory of its kind!

“I am passionate about serving the gay community, as there are a large number of gay practitioners around the world. I want them to have the visibility and representation they deserve!”

—Peter DeWitt, CEO

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 3, 2022 / — gay wellness launched its new online platform for gay and queer wellness practitioners. It serves as a directory for massage therapists, barbers, hairstylists, trainers, therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, sexual health clinics, and other types of wellness providers. It is the first online directory of its kind to synthesize various wellness sub-industries into a separate service directory.

Founded by Peter DeWitt, who is himself a massage therapist, life coach and yoga teacher, Gay Wellness is an online platform for practitioners worldwide. The project’s vision came to fruition in late 2021 when he and his team of wellness experts began networking and collaborating with local wellness providers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palm Springs – all major cities in California. They then traveled to Europe to meet and collaborate with suppliers in its main cities, including Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London and Lisbon. Their goal was to help create a new website that presents them in the most professional manner, is easily accessible, and provides wellness education to the gay community.

“I am passionate about serving the gay community, as there is a huge wellness presence in this city. There are so many amazing small businesses in the area, and I wanted to see them properly represented and gain exposure. Their services are essential to our well-being, especially as we slowly emerge from this global pandemic,” said Peter DeWitt, CEO and Founder of Gay Wellness. Watch this video here ( to hear him talk about his purpose and mission.

All providers listed on the site have been vetted, reviewed by other community members, and are currently available. This has been a sore point for the gay community – as many gay men have been unable to find gay or gay-friendly wellness services. Many of them work in spas, gyms, salons and businesses without being accessible.

Gay Wellness places the health and well-being of the gay community at the forefront, as an area that needs to be addressed in the community. “We know that LGBTQ+ people are twice as likely as heterosexuals to have mental health issues. At least 53% of LGBTQ+ seniors feel isolated and suffer from anxiety and depression. We have needs in our community that have not been directly addressed,” says Matthew Bronson, health educator and massage therapist.

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Gay Wellness ( is an online platform that connects clients with quality gay massage therapists and wellness practitioners. We’re more than just a directory – we’re a hub for connecting and learning in a friendly, growth-oriented environment.

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