DigitalGen Financial Services disrupts the industry

Thessaloniki, Greece, March 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DigitalGen Financial Services helps clients plan their financial future while using tools from the world of digital finance. By providing virtual online services, they fill a gap in the market for financial advisors and professionals who are familiar with new technologies, including cryptocurrency and blockchain. With a focus on the future of digital technology, DigitalGen works with clients to help them gain financial literacy across many investment methods.

“In many ways, the shape of the current financial industry is outdated. There is a shortage of professionals who are proficient in the latest digital finance technologies and able to provide crypto or blockchain advice,” says Panos Mekras, Founder and CEO of DigitalGen Financial Services. “We seek to change that norm by providing transparent and unbiased services that empower clients to take charge of their financial future and use their knowledge to make cutting-edge, well-informed decisions.”

Operating differently than most traditional financial services, DigitalGen operates on a fee-based basis, as they do not provide money management to customers or sell products that would earn a commission. Their service helps provide education, insight and a plan, empowering each client to have power over their own financial future.

“We aim to spread financial and crypto literacy to empower people to accumulate wealth.” The company is positioning itself as a financial services leader in digital tools and is poised to become much more than that, eventually offering services that help educate and advise people on how to use the Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse. .

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Stephen V. Lee