Alibaba Cloud Unveils Financial Services Solutions – Back End News

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of the Alibaba Group, recently launched its suite of Alibaba Cloud solutions for financial services, comprising more than 70 products designed to help financial services institutions (FSIs) of all sizes in banking, insurance, securities and fintech. digitize their operations.

“Our new solutions have been designed in response to the growing demand from ISPs around the world for cloud products that can accelerate their digitalization and improve the customer experience,” said Raymond Xiao, Head of Solutions and international industry architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “Leveraging our extensive cloud capabilities and industry know-how, we have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to advance growth and innovation in the financial industry. We look forward to further expanding our product offering as well as the geographic coverage of our services to support more ISPs in the future.

These solutions are designed to support every step of an ISP’s digital journey and provide easy access to cutting-edge cloud-native technology.

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These solutions provide a robust and elastic cloud infrastructure to allow ISPs to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations and the expansion of their digital applications through built-in cloud governance capabilities. It also provides security and compliance solutions that give ISPs confidence that they are operating in compliance with regional and industry-specific security and regulatory requirements.

Financial grade cloud tools

Agility in enterprise application development is achieved through a wide range of financial-grade cloud tools, middleware, and distributed database products for cloud-native application development, as well as the ability for ISPs to manage workloads through Alibaba Cloud’s public and hybrid cloud platforms, their own premises or through multi-cloud environments in a scalable and flexible manner.

Digital Onboarding and Maintenance leverages various Software as a Service (SaaS) and hybrid cloud deployments to support mobile and digital operations, remote video selling platforms, and an e-commerce solution. Know Your Customer (eKYC), helping ISPs verify and onboard users online anytime and from anywhere.

Customer insights generation and analytics solutions leverage AI, blockchain, machine learning and data analytics to help ISPs analyze and visualize omnichannel digital engagement intelligence, facilitating the discovery of customer information and enabling intelligence-based decision making.

A recent survey commissioned by Alibaba Cloud found that the top priorities for the financial services industry in Asia-Pacific were accelerating multi-cloud migration, increasing automation and building analytics platforms.

Alibaba Cloud’s financial services solutions are designed to help FSIs overcome challenges and meet their strategic priorities.

Stephen V. Lee